Universal Transit Pass - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the universal transit pass (UTP)?

All enrolled students are eligible for the UTP, with the following exceptions:

  • Students enrolled in the Sacramento Regional Public Safety Center
  • Students enrolled in apprenticeship programs
  • Students taking classes on the UC Davis main campus
  • Students studying abroad
  • Incarcerated students inside correctional facilities
  • Students whose home college is not a Los Rios college but who are enrolled in courses at a Los Rios college through the California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative Course Exchange

How is the UTP fee calculated?

Fall and Spring

For fall and spring semesters, eligible students enrolled in one or more units at any Los Rios college pay $2.25 per unit at each college in which they are enrolled in one or more units. Fractions of units are rounded up to the next whole unit. Eligible students enrolled in less than one unit at all Los Rios College will not pay a UTP fee; however, they are still eligible to receive a UTP sticker. The maximum fee charged is $33.75 for students enrolled in 15 or more units.

For example:

  • A student enrolled in 1 unit will pay $2.25 a semester
  • A student enrolled in 3.01 to four (4) units will pay $9 a semester
  • A student enrolled in 12 units will pay $27 a semester
  • A student enrolled in 15 or more units will pay $33.75 a semester


For summer semesters, all eligible students pay $11 for a UTP.

California state law (Education Code 76361.1) requires that transportation fees charged to students be pro-rated according to the number of units a student is carrying.

When and where do I get my UTP sticker?

Your UTP sticker attaches to your student access card. You can pick up your student access card and UTP sticker at any of the locations listed below. Check with each location for their hours.

For the spring semester, pick-up begins the first business day in January. For the summer semester, pick-up begins the first business day in June. For the fall semester, pick-up begins the first business day in August.

  • American River College pick-up locations
    • ARC Main campus, Center for Leadership and Development (inside the Student Center)
    • Natomas Center, Main Office
  • Cosumnes River College pick-up locations
    • CRC Main Campus, Admissions and Records (P-48)
    • Elk Grove Center
  • Folsom Lake College pick-up locations
    • FLC Main Campus, Welcome and Student Success Center (FL 1)
    • El Dorado Center, Computer Lab (C-204)
    • Rancho Cordova Outreach Center
  • Sacramento City College locations
    • SCC Main Campus, City Cafe 2: August and January only
    • SCC Main Campus, Learning Resource Center (2nd Floor): February through July and September through December
    • Davis Center
    • West Sacramento Center

Is the UTP fee refundable?

For the spring or fall semester, the fee is refundable if you drop courses within the fee refund period. If you drop all units, then you are expected to return the UTP sticker.

For the summer semester, the fee is refundable if you drop all of your units within the refund period. You are expected to return the UTP sticker if you drop all units. A minimum fee of $11 will be withheld from the refund if you have already been issued a UTP sticker for the summer semester.

What dates is the UTP valid?

For the spring semester, the UTP is valid January 1 through May 31.

For the summer semester, the UTP is valid June 1 through July 31.

For the fall semester, the UTP is valid August 1 through December 31.

Why are all eligible students charged the UTP fee and not just the students who use transit services?

We believe increased student ridership on mass transit benefits the entire student population in the form of cleaner air, reduced traffic congestion, and more parking spaces for those who must drive personal vehicles.

RT can only offer such a significant discount to our students if all our eligible students pay the fee. The financial benefits to those who actually use mass transit are substantial. The general public pays $500 for the equivalent of a semester-long RT pass, while Los Rios students pay a maximum of $33.75 per semester.

This agreement includes another benefit, which was specifically requested by students: during the summer semester, all eligible students are assessed a flat fee of $11 for a UTP.

What transit services can the UTP be used for?

The UTP applies to all RT services, including light rail and buses. The UTP is valid 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for any purpose.

Learn more about which transit agencies accept the UTP through Regional Transit here: Fares Accepted (PDF). The last column lists the current transit partners for Los Rios students. UC Davis Unitrans does not accept the UTP. Los Rios students must follow RT's abide to ride rules.

Please note that transfer agreements are subject to change, and RT reserves the right to cancel them and exclude transit partners if its future fee reimbursement and cost needs are not met.