Step 5 - Make an Educational Plan

After you have your placement results, meet with a counselor and make a first semester educational plan. Your educational plan will outline which courses you should take to meet your educational goal. Planning sessions are for students only – not for parents.


Visit each college's website to learn how to create an education plan.

Come prepared

Before your planning session, spend some time thinking about your education and career goals. On the day of your planning session, remember to bring your:

  • Valid photo ID
  • Student ID number
  • Placement results
  • High school transcripts AP, CLEP, or IB test scores, if you have taken any of these tests
  • College transcripts, if you have previously attended college

Educational plan checklist

✓ Sign up for an academic planning session. After you get your placement results.
✓ Gather required materials for planning session. Before your planning session.
✓ Attend planning sessions and create educational plan. Before April 1 for summer or fall classes, or before November 1 for spring classes.

Qualify for priority enrollment

If you create your education plan by April 1 (for summer or fall semester) or November 1 (for spring semester), then you qualify for priority enrollment. Priority enrollment lets you enroll earlier than other students, so you can get into classes you want before they fill up.